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Welcome to our Referral Partner Programme. We value our collaborative business relationships. So, when you refer a business that’s innovating and they are eligible for R&D tax relief from HMRC, you also share the rewards.

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We help limited companies registered in the UK who are investing in, and conducting research and development activities to claim R&D tax relief from HMRC.

A recent report from the Federation of Small Business indicated that only 5% of eligible businesses may be claiming invaluable tax relief. Meaning a huge number of eligible business are missing out on claiming because they do not realise the vast range of activities which qualify.

Our experienced team of R&D tax experts are here to help them uncover, unlock and optimise the relief they could receive from HMRC.

Whilst R&D can apply to almost any business, the following sectors tend to be where most of our clients originate from:

  • Manufacturing & Engineering

  • Technology & IT - Consumer & Business

  • Construction

  • Marine Leisure

  • Logistics, Transport & Haulage

  • Food & Drink

  • Agriculture

If your network includes innovative businesses, in these sectors, there may well be an opportunity for you to help your contacts to optimise their R&D tax relief claim.

Who's our

perfect partner

We collaborate with partners of all sizes. For us it's about building long-term mutually beneficial partnerships that are focused on delivering an exceptional service.

Our partners tend to fall into one of these two groups.

Group One

Businesses or individuals who provide professional services to their clients.

For example:

- Accountants

- Business Finance Brokers

- Independent Financial Advisors

- Non Exec Directors

- Business Coaches & Mentors

Group Two

Public figures and industry commentators with a well-developed network of senior business contacts, or a business leader audience.

For example:

- Public figures who work in strongly-networked industries

- Podcasters and business commentators

- Business forum leaders

If you can see yourself in one, or both of these groups we would welcome you to apply to join our referral program.

Why it makes

sense to become

a partner

Since 2014, we have reclaimed over £100 million for thousands of the UK’s most ambitious companies.

We work with customers across every sector of UK industry.  Our passion is supporting businesses to unlock value, to thrive, innovate and grow by claiming the R&D tax relief that they deserve.

The companies you refer to us will benefit from our experience and expertise in R&D tax relief and our culture of personal, local customer care. 

From our customer success team to our HMRC-trained tax experts, every one of the Easy R&D is here to help at every step of their claim journey.

​​It is all about keeping it simple and low risk - making the complex and technical easy - while optimising the claim value now and for future years.

All this results in your referrals getting the best possible result and you being rewarded with generous and recurring commission payments.



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referrer benefit form every Easy R&D claim

Why you can be confident referring us

We appreciate that making a referral requires trust.

We've helped 1,000's of UK businesses successfully claim R&D tax relief.

A great friend of mine recommended that I make a claim for R&D tax relief… but I dismissed his suggestions, probably 4 or 5 times. Why did I do this – well, my accountant was really not confident in making a claim and I thought it might be too good to be true. And, I guess, I listened to a few scaremongers who told me I might get a tap on the shoulder from HMRC if I made a claim.

The enthusiasm, passion and support, and the help we got from all the Easy R&D team, made it all so easy… I made a claim for 2 years of R&D which resulted in our business getting tax relief of nearly £400,000. It all happened in about 10 weeks - money in the bank.

Stuart Wring

Managing Director

Wring’s Transport

Wrings Transport

Wrings Transport Limited is a privately owned Road Haulage company. It operates a fleet of 60 vehicles in Hallen, Gloucestershire.

In the spirit of growth and expansion, it was time to upgrade the technology in their fleet of vehicles. The aim of the project was to develop a high-end piece of communications and telematic equipment for their fleet.

When the Easy R&D team met with Stuart, it was clear that we had to use our expertise to optimise their tax position and more importantly to keep on innovating in a highly competitive market.

The original technology upgrade was successfully implemented but had since become outdated and required further research and development to upgrade the system, enabling it to link to every aspect of the business.  

That on-going R&D is being supported by tax relief from the HMRC scheme, with the help of the Easy R&D’s team of specialist tax consultants.

Powerchord PEEX

PowerChord Limited have developed a unique proprietary technology, PEEX, that radically enhances the quality of the music experienced at live events.

Developing the PEEX technology and progressing the patent application required an intense multi-year R&D effort.

The management team came to Easy R&D to help them make the most of Powerchord’s third year of R&D tax credit claims. Initially they were concerned that the level of effort required to create an effective technical report and hit the necessary HRMC compliance standards would outweigh some of the benefits.

Our Easy R&D technical report writers, proven simple processes and our intuitive client portal helped Powerchord to expedite their R&D tax relief claim, compressing the process to just three weeks. This rapid-fire project, partnering with Powerchord on PEEX, delivered one of the largest R&D tax credit claims that we have supported, since our launch in 2014.

Easy R&D provides a very efficient and valuable service, both through their excellent and expert staff and their on-line portal which collates the required financial data.

Graham Tull

CTA, PowerChord

Easy R&D made everything so easy. They proactively identified costs and kept me informed throughout the whole process. There's no chance I would've attempted to claim R&D tax credits myself — even though I'm experienced in doing our company accounts.

If it wasn't for Easy R&D's help during the coronavirus pandemic, I'm not sure if we'd still be brewing today.

Belinda Sutton

Managing Director

Elgood's Brewery

Elgood's Brewery

Built in the 1600’s and taken over by the Elgood family in 1878, Elgood’s Brewery is led by Managing Director, Belinda Sutton, a fifth-generation family owner.

Their signature beer, Cambridge Bitter, had been around for 143 years when Belinda and her family team decided it was time to target into new markets.

The untapped territory covered sour beers and a new portfolio of flavoured wheat beers for women beer drinkers with new strawberry, raspberry, mango, banana, apple, and cherry variants.

When they started the project, Belinda and her team did not know they were undertaking work which HMRC classifies as R&D. But our team was able to help Elgood’s to identify that they were doing eligible R&D work - with all its attendant risks, trials and opportunities.

So far, we’ve helped Elgood’s claim over £150,000 in R&D tax credits. The money has been invested in a new visitor centre and opened up the brewery for weddings and events, creating a whole new revenue stream.

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